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Krisana Kris Refererence and Info by NelsonJ Krisana Kris Refererence and Info by NelsonJ
So, here's some info about my OC, Kris.

Full name: Krisana. Last name to be added as DLC, only 9.99!

Kris was born not knowing her biological parents and to this day does not know, and likely doesn't care for various reasons. She spent her life living in an orphanage where the other kids did more to raise her than the people running the orphanage. As such, Kris grew up with a warped sense of what authority is and without a proper sense of the difference between right and wrong. That, or spider monkies. It's hard to tell how much of this is true given the way Kris is, but our money is on the former rather than the latter.

Growing tired of living at the orphanage, Kris decided to set out on her own, having developed an interest in the arcane arts mainly due to an interest in magical girl anime. However, without a magical animal mascot, Kris would never become the generic anime heroine of her dreams. Good thing, too, because otherwise she'd be pretty boring!

However, working with more mundane and down-to-earth magic (or sufficiently powerful science or possibly psychic powers, depending on what would be possible for her giving the setting), Kris learned about how to alter the physical makeup of objects into other substances. Among all the substances she experimented with, she found rubber to be the most amusing. And this is where Kris became the girl she is today.

Deciding it would be amazing if her body was made of rubber, she worked on finding a way to convert her body into one made of rubber. She did find a way, but the conversion process warped her mind, resulting in reduced inhibitions and an increased tendency to follow her impulses. This had changed Kris' personalty from a more passive-aggressive one to a more in-your-face one.


Kris' base desires and interests have remained the same both before and after her conversion into rubber. She also always gets grumpy when things don't go her way. After the conversion, she also gets very enthusiastic when things do go her way, something that was subdued before her mind was altered.

While she was a bit of a mad scientist before, Kris' mad science tenancies have skyrocketed ever since the conversion. However, she does have a odd moral code in relation to this: She'll never try anything on anyone that she wouldn't try on herself. Though, given her warped mind, she'll do just about anything to herself.

She doesn't like to be seen as particularly feminine, thus why she hides her rather long hair under her hood, which she usually keeps raised.

It goes without saying that Kris is currently a few fries short of a happy meal.


Kris body can stretch in most conceivable ways, with an unknown limit on how far she can stretch. Unstretched, Kris' body appears to be solid rubber, but her ability to stretch would imply either a more sponge-like structure that's merely compact when she's unstretched, or her body somehow generates more mass as she stretches due to the magical process that altered her in the first place. Whichever is the case tends to rely on how she changed herself in the first place.

Kris is effectively immortal unless extreme heat (read: Being near the sun) is involved, in which case she'll more likely evaporate than actually burn up. If she's cut apart, she can simply reattach any part of her that was removed, though she can't pull herself apart naturally. This is due to the rubberizing process altering her body's internal structure so that she's not much more than a few cavities for processing nutrients inside of her. This also means she can squash her body without having to worry about internal injury.

Getting back to heat, while it requires a very high amount of heat to actually burn up her body, lower levels of heat simply liquidify her to varying degrees. between 100F/~37C to 500F/260C, her body maintains it's structure but becomes more flexible and fluid-like as she reaches 500F, allowing her to stretch more easily than before. Beyond that, she starts to liquify more the hotter she is. The downside is her body tends to retain heat without giving much up in return, so she tends to stay around the ambient temperature of where she is, and if she's particularly hot she tends to stay that way unless something is done to deliberately cool her off. The results of mixing herself with something or someone while liquified have yet to be seen.

Last but not least, she's fairly adept at utilizing magic or psychic powers, whichever she happens to be able to utilize. Either utilization involves using circles to target where her magic/powers will activate. Her powers of choice tend to be that of rubberizing, whether it's a small area or an entire person, or if she's more advanced with her powers, creating rubber golems of various types, which she can also merge with using her powers. Her favorites tend to be in the shape of things typically inflatable or made of rubber.

Reference drawn by my good buddy :iconkecomaster: Info is subject to change because reasons.
KakuEpsilon Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2013
I KNEW I saw this when he was browsing his folders the other day. :D

Yay, I've always wanted to know more about Kris, and I'm glad I do now. :3 She's so damn lovably cute yet psycho. >3

Heh, Orphanages make for fun origins...
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